Fall Evaluations for 2020 Tournament Teams

Sunday September 8th and 22nd (1-4pm)

UpdatedFriday January 29, 2021 byDCEYB.

Every year DC Everest Youth Baseball provides an opportunity for kids in the DC Everest area to participate in tournament baseball.  This program is for players with the skill and/or interest to participate in a competitive tournament environment.  There will be tournament team opportunities for grades 2nd-8th in the 2020 season.  Tournament teams will participate in tournaments throughout Wisconsin during the summer.  Tournament Team practices will be offered from January through July.  Practices will be used to improve individual and team skills. It is not mandatory that your son attends every practice and/or tournament; however, regular attendance is highly encouraged. Tournament Team members are required to continue their participation on their regular league teams. 

Understand that the same objectives as league play – skill development, sportsmanship, and having fun will be a priority, however, understanding how to win baseball games will become a higher priority during tournament play competition. Additionally playing time may not be equal as playing time is dictated by the head coach, not the board. Parents will have to evaluate their child’s level of interest and skill when deciding to participate on tournament teams.

We will be conducting evaluations on September 8th and 22nd, once the evaluations are complete and we have established the number of interested players / families. DCEYB is then better able to understand how many teams can be filled for all age groups and make sure we get early registration for the best tournaments in 2020. Our goal in 2020 is to provide two options for families/players to choose from: (These options will somewhat be dictated by overall age enrollment.)

“GREEN” Travel Team:   consists of high commitment to tournament play (max 8 tournaments per year).   Must be selected through evaluation process ($350 registration fee)

“WHITE” Travel Team:   Moderate level commitment…Ready to take on more competitive level baseball (max 4 tournaments per year).  Open enrollment ($175 registration fee)


When registering please note there will be questions asking which option is your priority, and if you only have 1 preference or if you are open to both levels of commitment. 


Additionally, if you are unable to make the times and/or days please note that on registration.