Happy New Year!

UpdatedFriday February 1, 2019 byElmer Allen.

Happy New Year, Baseball Families! As we embark on 2019 as an organization, we hope that you will be as excited as we are, for the improvements that are coming this year.

A few Items to note right now. Tournament Team (travel ball) registration is now open! Rec league registration will open on or about February 1st.

At our December Board meeting a motion was passed to raise the fees and add a fundraising component to Tournament Team Participants. There are a few things that I would like to address about this.

  1. The requirement to fundraise is not mandatory.  You are able to opt out, by just paying the full fee. The intent is to offset the cost for those that feel it is expensive (If you choose to fundraise, the $100 you would earn takes the registration fee down to $200 which is the same as previous years). Some have asked what these registration fees go to? That’s pretty simple, the fees pay for hitting screens, tees, helmets, bats, catchers gear, and baseballs. Even though most kids have a lot of these items not all of them do, it is up to DCEYB to provide those necessary pieces of equipment for safe play and quality instruction. Tournament fees are a big part too. If you still feel that these costs are too much, please email, text or call me. I would be more than happy to talk with you about it.
  1. NO members of the Board voted against adding this option for fundraising or raising the fees.
  1. There are about 500 kids in the organization. Roughly 20% are Tournament Players. For several years the Rec program revenue has subsidized the Tournament Programs. As a board, we did not feel it was right that families not participating in tournament baseball were paying for tournament baseball. This was not through any malicious intent by anyone, the organization just didn’t have guidelines in place to limit an age group from participating in an excessive number of tournaments in a season! Last year we had multiple age groups participate in more than 10 tournaments which superseded what was budgeted. We can’t change the past, but can learn and prepare for the future.

The question I have for you is… Do you think it is fair to have the 80% of non-tournament participants pay for tournament fees, equipment, uniforms and other expenses of the Tournament program? This is information we wish we would have shared sooner as this likely would have prevented misinformation and snap judgements being made about the program.

  1. We our launching or enhancing some extremely valuable tools for our league this year.
    • One will be a coaching development program.
    • Two will be player development program
    • Three will be an Umpire development program.

All of this along with an opening weekend event with a Homerun Derby and other skills challenges!

This is a really exciting time for DCEYB and all of its members! We are committed to bringing a better baseball product to the community and being a component to sports in the District that people can be proud of.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and for participating in DC Everest Youth Baseball! I want to leave you with this… The foundation of success is laid, in the hours of the day, that no one else sees.

Roman Maguire

DCEYB Board President