Board Meeting Agenda

UpdatedMonday February 17, 2020 byElmer Allen.

Board Meeting Agenda:

DCEYB Board Meeting: February 16, 2020

Roll Call Executive

  • President‐Roman Maguire
  • Vice President‐Tim May
  • Treasurer ‐ Matt Priebe
  • Secretary –Michael Wodalski


  • Babe Ruth Commissioner‐Jaime Reimer
  • Majors Commissioner‐Mike Rohde
  • AAA Commissioner‐Jim Olafson
  • AA/A Commissioner‐Simon Stetzer
  • T‐Ball Commissioner‐ Jason Wressel
  • Travel Commissioner –Chris Haase


  • Marketing Director – Emily Chariton (Emily)
  • Concessions Manager/Volunteer Coordinator – Lucas Chariton
  • Equipment Manager – Justin Bangston
  • Registration Director – Jamie Reimer
  • League Advisor – Unassigned
  • Advertising Coordinator – Kevin Quevilion
  • Website Coordinator – Elmer Allen

Treasurers Report

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Previous Meeting Minutes

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Motion to approve.

1. 13U and 12u White Team roster concerns

A 13u kid dropped out and now we are at a number where we might need to add a couple of


I spoke with the parent of a 12u player from out of town who is moving at the end of the school year

from eagle river. Both parents are heavily involved in youth sports, dad is a WIAA ump and mom is

president of the Football association.

There are two players that are options from other programs if we want to explore adding them?

2. Advertising Coordinator

Kevin asked for us to review the list and see if their was any business that any of us would want to


3. Summer Tournaments

See Attached for update Do we need to start sending out invites to the coaches that we had at the

tournament last year for them to pass it on in their organization

How else do we drum up business?

4. Important Dates for 2020 Season

Spring clinic: Tentative Dates are March 7 and 14. The 7th is at the High School. This date is on the HS

Baseball programs calendar from 8‐11. We will need to make a donation to the HS program. Do we

have a Location for the 14th? Priebe will follow up on location options. Time would be from 9AM to

1PM. Discussion on shirts in storage from previous years was had. There appear to be enough shirts

in storage that no new shirts will need to be ordered this year.

It was noted Spring Break is the 22nd thru the 29th of March.

Evaluations are planned for April 4th and the draft on April 7th. Priebe will follow up on gym times on

the 4th. Update?

Hat order: It was mentioned that 140 hats were planned to be ordered this year. It was mentioned

with the 8U and 9U this year there will be a lot of younger kids needing hats. There are 109 kids

currently signed up for travel. Timing of the hat order was discussed to ensure hats are in before

tournaments start in May.

5. Further Discussion Items

A travel parent meeting was discussed how we should have one late March/early April. Discussed

breaking up the age groups so the meetings were more manageable.

6. Discussion and action on officially removing Chris Hasse as Travel Commissioner and removing Mike

Rhode from Majors commissioner.

7. Announcements

Meeting adjourned at


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