League Statement - May 27th

UpdatedThursday May 28, 2020 byDCEYB Registration Cordinator.

Hello DCEYB Family's! I hope that today has brought you an opportunity to be a better you than you thought you could be!


Last night (May 26th) DCEYB had a board meeting. The purpose was to discuss and vote on the ability to provide an opportunity for kids to play rec baseball this year. As a youth non-profit, there are a couple major questions that really have to be answered prior to us being able to move forth. Liability as an organization is a major one. If someone was to be hospitalized due to Covid-19 what would our liability be as an organization? Would you be willing to put your house, 401k and families financial future on the line for this league? That's a question that as a board member people are uncomfortable with! Call us afraid, call us not willing to be on the bleeding edge, call us what you will. Please remember we are all non compensated volunteers! So this situation is not easy for us and we have put in a tremendous amount of hours deliberating about this situation.


If I treated the league like I choose to have my family function, then yes we would be playing. But, the fact remains that we have a board of directors for a reason! It gives us a different perspective of how to look at situations. Which, I am thankful for the people on our board and the insight that they bring to the table.


However, the final result is that unfortunately do to concerns with physical contact with younger players and the difficulty with not being able to follow the guidelines from the county for the younger age groups the board decided to not have a league for Tball, Coach pitch, A and AA leagues. So unfortunately they have been officially canceled for the 2020 season.


Also the league voted to push back the potential season start for all other leagues to July 6th. We are working on guideline compliance with the county and working with Wausau Youth Baseball on coordinating a regional solution for baseball in our area.

AAA-Ball, Majors, & Babe Ruth rosters and schedules will be posted soon so coaches can get organized and trained on new policy and procedures.


Full refunds for those signed up for Beginner's T-ball, Coach Pitch T-ball, A-ball, & AA-ball will be processed within the next few days.

Please if you have questions regarding account credits or refunds email us at dceyb.registrations@yahoo.com


On behalf of the DCEYB Board


Roman Maguire

DCEYB President