How is DC Everest Youth Baseball addressing the coronavirus (COVID-19?)

UpdatedWednesday April 1, 2020 byDCEYB Registration Cordinator.

DC Everest Youth Baseball (DCEYB) recognizes this is an unprecedented and challenging situation, and many DCEYB families have questions about the potential impact of the coronavirus on practices, leagues, and tournaments. Here is the status of our operations as of March 31, 2020.


What information does DCEYB use to make decisions about how to respond to the coronavirus?

The reality is that the situation is changing daily. We are getting new information/guidance daily and in some cases, hourly (see below for information received from Babe Ruth League). As a club, we are relying on guidance from Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken; Major League Baseball; the CDC; and state and local health departments in order to make decisions about our club's activities. We will continue to rely on these sources going forward and will share pertinent information as soon as we can. It can be hard to keep up with the changing situation during our busy work days -- but please be assured that we are always trying to make decisions in the best interests of our players and families and as quickly as we can.


For reference:


What is happening with practices?

All indoor/outdoor practices through April 30, 2020 are suspended per our own guidelines on March 16. 2020. 


What about the AAA/Majors Evaluations scheduled for April 4th?

At this point, we will forgo evaluating players this year.  So AAA/Majors evaluations will be cancelled this year.  The intent of evaluating players is to evenly distribute talent across all teams in an effort to have competitive baseball for everyone.   However, with the unknown timetable, it just may not be feasible to attempt.   When the time is ready to open the season, we may utilize past evaluations to help determine teams.



How DCEYB will comply with the Wisconsin “Safer at Home” Order.

The State of Wisconsin entered a Safer at Home Order. The order is in effect until April 24, 2020, unless it is superseded by a future order. You may read the order by visiting  Relating to DCEYB’s operations, the order states in part:

a. No public gatherings are allowed during the order: Paragraph 3 of the order prohibits *any* public and private gatherings of any number of people that are not part of a single household or living unit. As a result, all DCEYB activities will remain strictly suspended through at least April 24, 2020. There will be no practices, no games, no evaluations, etc.

b. The order permits family units to consider engaging in outdoor baseball, softball, and T-Ball activities. Paragraph 11.c. of the Stay at Home order allows people to engage in outdoor activities. Although the order does prohibit contact sports, it does not prohibit baseball, softball, or T-Ball-related activities if those activities are limited to individuals or members of a single household or living unit. With so many other youth activities shut down right now, we encourage DCEYB families to consider going outside to play catch or have some B.P. if the weather is good and your backyard or local park is available. If you decide to do that, please remember to follow social distancing guidelines, and please only use your own equipment. (In other words, do not share equipment between family units, as the virus can attach to surfaces and be transferred that way.)


What about the upcoming Tournament seasons?

Tournaments are scheduled to start early May, however, most tournament sites are in the same predicament we are in.  Your Travel coach will keep you in the loop as soon as they hear any information regarding upcoming tournaments.


What will happen if the seasons are cancelled?  

As of today, (subject to change by the day) the plan is to attempt starting our season mid-May/early June and play a full season, maybe extending past 4th of July. Once we know with more certainty what the seasons will ultimately entail relative to what people have paid for and what our fixed costs will be, we would determine a plan for issuing any applicable refunds or credits.   


What can you do to help?

Please be understanding. We are a volunteer-run club and the Board is working very hard to stay up to speed on this evolving situation, gather facts, and make the best decisions we can, on top of our usual club functions and responsibilities. Don't be offended if it takes a bit longer for someone to get back to you or respond to an email.

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Thank you for your support of DC Everest Youth Baseball