Board Meeting Agenda

Updated Sunday October 27, 2019 by Elmer Allen.

Board Meeting Agenda:

DCEYB Board Meeting Minutes: October 13, 2019

  1. Roll Call Executive
  • President‐Roman Maguire
  • Vice President‐Tim May
  • Treasurer ‐ Matt Priebe
  • Secretary –Michael Wodalski


  • Babe Ruth Commissioner‐Jaime Reimer
  • Majors Commissioner‐Mike Rohde (Absent)
  • AAA Commissioner‐Jim Olafson
  • AA/A Commissioner‐Simon Stetzer (Absent)
  • T‐Ball Commissioner‐ Jason Wressel
  • Travel Commissioner –Chris Haase
  1. Treasurers Report‐  Priebe went through the year end Treasurer’s Report.  Priebe highlighted that the league finished the year in the black by about $20,000.  A big reason for the fund balance is concessions, this year the league made about $17,000 in concessions as compared to last year being about $4,500.  Then also in sponsorships this year we made about $7,500 as compared to $850.  These two improvements really improved the bottom line.  Lucas Chariton was acknowledged as being the concessions manager.

The tournaments that were hosted really helped drive up the concessions revenue this year.  A discussion about lowering costs ensued due to the fund balance.  In order to be able to make field and other improvements such as batting cages.  It was decided we should freeze the fees at current rates and help prevent a yo-yo effect if concessions has a down year or if sponsorships are down there is still adequate funds to run the program.

It was discussed how the last three years the league was losing money each year and this year was a good bounce back.  It was noted that rec league registrations have not been increased in at least 5 years.

  1. Vote to remove the following Directors position
    1. Facility Director: The facilit director role hasn’t really been filled for several years.  Last year a person was in the role, but didn’t do anything.  It doesn’t seem to have a real function to put this on the board. 
      1. Replaced by a committee made up of league commissioners: The new committee of commissioners would be made up to address issues.  The facility committee would handle all of the issues that come up throughout the year and should have a better handle on what is needed as they will be working with the coaches more closely in each league.
    2. Parent Committee Director:
      1. Replaced by a Parent Liaison at each League level that would comprise a committee headed up by the Vice President: Instead of just one person on the board as a parent liaison, each league will have a parent liaison.  The parent liaison would be on the parent committee that is headed up by the Vice President.  This will help layout how issues get reported to the board instead of just emailing the President.  If a parent is not comfortable talking to a coach they can then go to the parent liaison, or Vice President before needing to take an issue to the President.  We will be looking for a parent liaison for each league this coming spring.
    3. Coaches Committee Director: There really wasn’t ever a coaches committee.  The president took care of putting together the coach’s clinic with a few other helpers and this task will remain under the president’s responsibility.
    4. Fundraising Director:
      1. Will be rolled into the Advertising Coordinators Role: This will help reduce duplication of efforts as current Vice President Tim May has set a lot of the ground work for the advertising coordinators role.

Motion by Haase and seconded by Wressell to: remove the Facility Director and replace it with a committee made up of league commissioners; remove the Parent Committee Director and replace it with a parent liaison for each league; remove the Coaches Committee Director and have the president carry out these roles; and remove the Fundraising Director and add these responsiblities to the Advertising Coordinators Role.

Motion passed unanimously

Changes to the bylaws indicating these changes will be uploaded to the website.

  1. Vote to assign Directors
    1. Online Registration Director: The position is responsible for getting the registration process in place and coordinating emails to make sure kids are registered in the right spots and making sure informaiton is sent out to parents in a timely manner. 

Jamie Reimer was appointed by President Maguire – Board voted unanimously to approve the appointment

  1. Marketing Director: Emily Chariton volunteered to fulfill the role of marketing director.  This is mainly social media communication.  There were no other volunteers for the position.

Emily Chariton was appointed by President Maguire – Board voted unanimously to approve the appointment

  1. Equipment Manager: There is aneed to have someone in the role who will manage inventory.  Last year Treasurer Priebe and President Maguire went through the storage units and have inventory of what is there.  Moving forward we need someone to keep the inventory updated.  The position will order necessary supplies: baseballs, equipment bag items, etc. for the leagues.  This is an important position to make sure we’re not over inventoried and are ordering what the league needs and not creating surplus supplies.

Justin Bangston volunteered to fulfill the role.

Justin Bangston was appointed by President Maguire – Board voted unanimously to approve the appointment

  1. Concessions Manager: Lucas Chariton stated he would be willing to fulfill this role for another year.  Role includes inventory conrol of the concession stand and keeping the financial balances in check and sorting funds between tournaments and rec league.  This coming year the concession manager will be responsible for setting up volunteers for the concession stand.

Lucas Chariton was appointed by President Maguire – Board voted unanimously to approve the appointment

  1. League Advisor: Role was previously filled by Greg Langbehn.  It was discussed how this position was initially created because a past president stepped down because their kid was no longer playing in the league, but still wanted to help out with the league.  It would be someone who has had experience with the league and wanted to still help the new president/board transition.  Maguire will be reaching out to Greg Langbehn to see if he’d still be interested in the role.

Motion by Reimer, Second by Haase to table this item to the next meeting.

  1. Website Director: Elmer Allen volunteered to remain in this role. 

Elmer Allen was appointed by President Maguire – Board voted unanimously to approve the appointment

  1. Advertising/Fundraising Director: Tim May and Emily Chariton both had parts of this role last year.  The 50/50 raffle and the scratch off cards along with the advertising were the parts of this role that were taken care of last year.  The advertisers for the most part from last year are still onboard and this year there is more time to get more advertisers for this upcoming year. 

There were not any volunteers for the position.  We will need to find someone to fulfill this role in the near future.

Position will be tabled to a future date.

  1. T-Ball fields at Kennedy Park: We’ve talked about bringing the T-ball fields to Kennedy Park.  An idea of the layout was shown at the meeting.  Reimer showed an idea of how the fields could be placed near where the hockey rink is located.  The discussion was based upon trying to bring T-ball into the rest of the league instead of having them out at Machmueller Park.

Another idea was to place the T-ball fields behind Jones 2 and the big field.  This would allow parking at the skate park which would help alleviate congestion with other options of parking off of Alderson St instead of Alta Verde.  These are just ideas, but the goal is to bring more families to Kennedy.  This helps to centralize T-ball in the area and also brings more people to buy concessions on a nightly basis.  This helps integrate the younger kids with the older kids and help them feel like a part of the organization at a young age. 

We could look at putting in non-permanent fencing so it could come out during the offseason.  It was discussed this would need to get approved by the Village of Weston as it is using the Village’s facility.  Financially, it is guessed that the fence per field would be about $1,000 per field.  Cost will be researched further.  Parking at Kennedy was discussed as a constraint.  It was discussed that it would be beneficial to try and fit 4 T-ball fields so we could eliminate having doubleheaders for the T-ball age group. 

There was concern that if the T-ball fields were placed behind right field of Jones 1 there would be the threat of home run balls hitting unassuming bystanders.  It was talked about possibly moving the concessions stand over to the right field area of Jones 1 it would make it more accessible to those at the Babe Ruth field and it would be more centrally located.  It was noted that relocating the concessions stand would lead to major relocation of facilities at the park.  Relocating the T-ball fields though would be low cost and provide more potential revenue options with concessions.

Issues discussed were: parking, places for families to sit and concesisons.  The bleachers at Machmueller could potentially be brought to Kennedy.  There was discussion about having fences for T-ball helps the kids stay organized and keeps the game more organized.  Moving forward, the league needs to get better cost estimates for the fencing and to see if the Village of Weston would allow this use. 

  1. Coach’s for Tournament Ball: There was a motion by Wressell and a Second by Haase to hold a special board meeting on November 3 at 6:30 to approve tournament coaches. 

Motion passed unanimously.

  1. November Board Meeting Items
    1. New Uniforms – Samples
    2. Vote on Job Descriptions
    3. By-Law Updates
    4. Switch from SI Play to Sports Enigne

Meeting adjourned at 7:47pm

Attendance Board Meeting: 20

Minutes: 77 minutes

Those in attendance: Roman Maguire, Tim May, Chris Haase, Emily Chariton, Lucas Chariton, Matt Priebe, Jamie Reimer, Jason Wressell, Dan VanSlyke, Jon Felch, Michael Wodalski, Jimmy Olafson, Elmer Allen, April Quevillon, Kevin Quevillon, Tom Ruether, Kris Carr, Michelle Carr, Kristy Zander, Dale Zander