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The much-anticipated results from the Fall Showcase of Skills for the 2019 Tournament Teams are ready for release!  But first, we’d like to address a few things.  The talk from around the Parents’ community leads us to believe there were some misunderstandings about the process (which can happen when it’s not communicated to the masses properly).

As an organization we had 105 kids attend the 2-day evaluation! To have that many kids thinking about baseball in September is AWESOME! As an organization, we have a responsibility to develop all kids in the program. Tournament Teams are the next level up in the development process from weekday league teams. Providing tournament level teams is very tricky though.  It requires kids AND parents to have an increased commitment to participate. The strain that comes with traveling hours to compete in a weekend tournament can be heavy! However, it also creates very valuable memories that can last a lifetime!

Our goal is to provide every kid that raises their hand to say “I want to participate at a higher level”, the opportunity to compete. This is where it gets tricky to achieve the goal. For example, if you have 18 kids in an age group, it’s too many for one team, yet not enough for two teams. Thus, the reason for fall evaluations.  We now know how many kids raised their hands.

Tournaments are posted in January for registration, and they fill up extremely fast! We must know how many teams per age group need to be registered well before the snow melts in the spring. We no longer have an indoor turf location to hold Winter evaluations, so unfortunately, the only logical option is a Fall evaluation. What about the kid that puts countless hours in over the winter? Where does he fit in? We are a huge proponent of offseason development. We believe in our current setup, that is the kid’s best chance at development. So, we will be having open gym sessions for all tournament age groups throughout the Winter for the kids who want to develop. The focus will be on advanced training, not basics, so this is geared for the kids that want to compete in at the next level in tournament play. Our hope is that we can find a handful of additional kids that can round out 2nd teams for the 11u, 12u, and 13u. We also need a few more kids to round out the 10u group for the first team.

In closing, if your son is not in the top 10, this DOES NOT exclude them from competing at a higher level for 2019! It should encourage both the parents and kids to talk to their friends (and their friends’ parents) who maybe don’t think they have what it takes to play tournament ball to come to the gym sessions, develop in the offseason, and create their own opportunity!

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