• League Statement - May 27th

    Hello DCEYB Family's! I hope that today has brought you an opportunity to be a better you than you thought you could be!   Last night (May 26th) DCEYB had a board meeting. The purpose was to discuss and vot... More
  • Babe Ruth League is Stronger Together

    The Babe Ruth League Community all across the country is stronger together. We look forward to the day when our kids can get back on the ball field! #baberuthleague #baberuthbaseball #baberuthsoftball #baberu... More
  • How is DC Everest Youth Baseball addressing the coronavirus (COVID-19?)

    DC Everest Youth Baseball (DCEYB) recognizes this is an unprecedented and challenging situation, and many DCEYB families have questions about the potential impact of the coronavirus on practices, leagues, and... More
  • Tournament Ball Teams Info

    All, Thank you for those that participated in our Tournament Ball parent informational meeting this past Sunday. Attached is the document distributed during the meeting for reference.   REGISTRATION for t... More
  • Ripken Baseball - 2 Seam and 4 Seam Fastball

    Ripken Baseball - Pitching John Habyan, Cal & Bill Ripken discuss the 4 seam and 2 seam fastball from the "Baseball The Ripken Way: Pitching" DVD.
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